RAIL System

Rapid Application Industrial LED 2.0

Avid Labs Rail System

The Avid Labs® RAIL System® allows for incredible lighting of any space. It is ideal for applications that require high quality lighting for assessing color accuracy, finish, or detail in various industries such as paint and paint finishes, food, carpet, textiles, and more. The efficient but powerful RAIL System® can be deployed individually in eight-foot sections or can be structurally linked to form arches and repeated to make inspection tunnels or even geometric modern lighting forms. Ask today how the RAIL System® can bring powerful lighting to your company’s need to deliver high-quality output. 



  • High-output, Long-life LEDs
  • 6500k Kelvin (+/-300) Output

  • CRI 90+
  • Lumens: 850Lm per foot (delivered)
  • Dimming: No visible light source down to 5% light intensity
  • Diffusion: Curved polycarbonate lens
  • Light Dispersion: 180
  • Black Anodized Extruded Aluminum Housing with Diffuser
  • Compatible with select 14mm T-slot hardware