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Wave Cradle Classic

Wave Cradle - Mobile Phone Audio Enhancement

Patent No.: US D720,343 S. Issued on: Dec. 30, 2014 

UV Strobe - Mountable Lighting Device

Patent No.: US 11,466,833 B2.  Issued on: Oct. 11, 2022

A lighting device that emits a forward facing visible light and a rear facing ultraviolet light.

Forward Light and Rear UV
Compression Wheel Chock System

Compression Wheel Chock System for Aircraft

Patent No.: US 11,814,026 B2. Issued on: November 14, 2023.

Compact, yet powerful.

A compression wheel chock system is disclosed. The system is comprised of two, triangular-shaped devices having longitudinal channels and a lanyard.

Cooled Lighting System

Patent No.: US 11,506,373 B2. Issued on: Nov. 22, 2022

A lighting system includes a plurality of lighting fixtures coupled to a cooling pipe.

Plurality Lighting and Cooling
Lighting System Connected To Object

Lighting System for Connected Object

Patent No.: US 11,457,517 B2. Issued on: Sep. 27, 2022

A lighting system including a lighting device configured to be connected to an object.

Runway Lighting System

Patent No.: 11,117,678 B2. Issued on: Sep.14, 2021

An airport lighting system includes a plurality of lighting fixtures aligned along an airport taxiway and/or airport runway.

An Airport Lighting System
Wheel Chock

Triangular Wheel Chock System for Aircraft

Patent No.: US D926,104 S. Issued on: July. 27, 2021

The ornamental design for the wheel chock, as shown and described.

T-Slot Lighting System

Patent No.: 10,845,034 B2. Issued on: Nov. 24, 2020

A lighting system that includes an extrusion having at least one T-shaped slot therein.

Lighting System Extrusion
Inspection Lighting System

Paint Inspection Lighting System

Patent No.: US 10,520,447 B2. Issued on: Dec. 31, 2019

An inspection lighting system including a first frame structure and a plurality of linear light arrays coupled to the first frame structure.

Gobo and Method for Manufacturing a Gobo

Patent No.: US 10,480,732 B2. Issued on: Nov. 19, 2019

A gobo with a substrate having at least one peripheral edge a body extending from the peripheral edge, the body having two faces and a structural network on at least one of the two faces, the structural network generally extending to the peripheral edge.

A Gobo With Substrate
A Strobe Light

LED Strobe

Patent No.: US 10,078,055 B2. Issued on: Sep. 18, 2018

A strobe light system for use with a camera, the strobe light system including an LED light source, a triggering signal input for the reception of a triggering signal, and electrical power source and a control circuit.

Wide Angle UV Light

Patent No.: US 10,076,993 B2. Issued on: Sep. 18, 2018

A lighting device including an ultraviolet light source emanating ultraviolet light, a visual light source and a light directing device.

A Lighting UV Source
Ornamental Design Wrench

Ornamental Wrench Design

Patent No.: US D684,446 S. Issued on: Jun. 18,2013

The ornamental design for a wrench.

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Light for underground mining and system for tracking underground assets.


System for detecting the presence of an object to be protected in a low-light environment.