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UV Strobe

UV Strobe

In the world of construction, safety will always be a top priority. Most products in this space approach safety by adding lumens.

At Avid Labs, we have a different perspective. We believe contrast is the key to safety.

Wave Cradle Classic

Wave Cradle

Sleek and Simple in its design, the Wave Cradle's Singular Goal is to amplify the volume from your iOS device by sheer design alone.

Focus Wrenches

Focus Wrenches

Compact, yet powerful.

Save time and space with this versatile focusing wrench designed specifically for the lighting professional.

CLP1 Collimated Light

CLP1 Collimated Light Projector

FocusFree™ collimated light design

A cutting-edge light fixture that redefines the game with a revolutionary technology that emits perfectly collimated light without the fuss of traditional lensing. Say goodbye to the need for focusing—our fixture is designed to effortlessly produce crisp, clear light right where you want it.