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Apollo Popper

Unique Topography For A Better Pan

In a normal pan, the area the heat and oil reside in is the same area that the popped kernel sits in. Our concept was to use the kinetic energy of the popping kernel to move the corn out of the oil and into a “lifting zone.”

Patent Pending
Production Year

Stainless Steel

Apollo Popper

You’ve entered the popping zone

To test our theory, we machined 14 different mini designs testing each one on how well they performed. This proved our theory that a unique topography could create a better pan. From these variations, we refined what we believe is the ultimate design, the Apollo Popper.

Popping Passion

Joel Nichols has had a lifelong passion for making stove top popcorn. Popping has been about time with family and friends, creating memories and slowing life down. Enjoying the unique flavors of stove top popcorn, other popping styles never taste as good. A life long tinkerer Joel wanted to build a better, simpler stove top popper, the Apollo Popper. We need your help to launch this patent pending design that works incredibly well.